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1 to 1 Sessions

Let me help you connect to your body, breath, and awareness in a new way. Private yoga and bodywork sessions are completely individualized and tailored to each person, breath by breath, and movement by movement!


These sessions are for you if you've ever thought you're "just old”, that your body just doesn't feel good anymore, you've been dealing with a string of seemingly connected or recurring injuries, or you have had acute injury or trauma that you want to heal holistically and wholly.


In 1-on-1 yoga and bodywork sessions l will help you recognize and rewire patterns so that you can feel good in your body and build lasting transformation and strength. We can work to relieve pains from knots, tension, old injuries and traumas using many different modalities, including: muscle testing and myofascial release techniques to unwind fascia and held patterns in the body, breathwork, yoga poses and targeted exercises, and energy work.