As a powerful healer, teacher, and coach, Kelly knows that each person holds the key to their own growth, healing, and radiant strength. Her calling is to help people tap into and develop their own beautiful potential and gifts--through physical and non-physical coaching and supported guidance.


Our bodies hold so much knowledge and work so hard for us. Using breath, yoga, and bodywork we can more easily listen to the information they provide while also gaining control over the patterns we create and maintain.

Kelly is a 500hr certified Yoga teacher with a background in Forrest Yoga and Yoga Bodywork Training, as well Energy healing and Ayurvedic principles. She has trained with Anna Forrest, Jambo Truong, Cat Allen, Brian Campbell and Yoga Bodyworkers. As an apprentice of Forrest Yoga Guardian and Yoga Bodywork Creator, Jambo “Dragon” Truong, Kelly continues to gain deep skills in seeing and understanding anatomical relationships, muscle testing, myofascial release, and intuitive intrinsic healing.

As a former teacher and college/career readiness coach, Kelly is also a powerful personal coach who can help clients track and rewrite their emotional and thinking patterns. She sets people up to connect into their core mission, values and vision to build their own successful leadership and growth.