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Kelly has experience working with all types of bodies to create strength and radiance out of the patterns created by injury, pregnancy/birth, trauma, aging and the neglect many of us athletes may have shown to our bodies when we were younger (or not so younger!).

As an apprentice of Forrest Yoga Guardian and Yoga Bodywork Creator, Jambo “Dragon” Truong, Kelly teaches workshops and trainings around the world. She continues to gain and teach deep skills in seeing and understanding anatomical relationships, muscle testing, myofascial release, and intuitive therapeutic healing.


Mobility and Active Healing for Athletes

A lifelong athlete, Kelly has plenty of personal experience with injury and pain caused by movement and doing the things we love: her own soccer, climbing, and yoga injuries--ranging from knee and shoulder injuries to torn and strained muscles and connective tissues--had for a long time felt permanent and demoralizing. However, through the practices of deep awareness and pattern tracking she has learned to shift into a state of healing and true strength.